Custom Western Hats

Off the shelf western hats come in many colors, shapes and sizes, but Bronco Sue Custom western hats only come in one... YOURS! Browse through these pages to see sample after sample of our custom cowboy hats. Whether you need a good 8X work hat or top of the line 1,000X dress hat or something in between, we will customize it especially for you. At Bronco Sue Custom Hats, when it comes to custom hats, well, we've got you covered!

Felt Hats

Cowboy Room Decor

Cowboys were usually outfitted with everything they needed to work out on the open range. Every piece of clothing he wore and every item he carried on his horse and saddle served a purpose, and identified him as to what work he did. Bronco Sue is proud to offer these high quality beaver felt hats. Each hat is custom made especially for you.

“The hats on the following pages are only a small portion of what we can do! If you have a particular hat in mind, we can probably make it. Please contact us.We are only limited by YOUR imagination!”


Palm Leaf Hats

If you're looking for beautiful and professionally made palm Leaf and Panama Hats, here is where to find them.